Modelling – some Formal Foundations:

You not always have to ‘run’ things in computer science. Let’s get descriptive:
Neil Immerman (1995) Descriptive Complexity: A Logician’s Approach to Computation
The book on database theory and intro to sub-FO finite model theory:
Abiteboul, Hull, Vianu (1995) Foundations of Databases
Finite Model Theory – best of Theorems (not only for db guys):
Leonid Libkin (2009) The Finite Model Theory toolbox of a Database theoretician
Main application areas of Finite Model Theory:
Leonid Libkin (2004) Introductory chapter of Elements of Finite Model Theory
As well as the map is not the territory, the model is not the world:
B.C Smith (1985) The Limits of Correctness

Model Theory applied:
IEEE 830 (1998) Software Requirements Specification
Getting epiphenomena to do real work:
Russ Abbott (2006) Emergence Explained: Abstractions

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