Herbert Stachowiak

General Model Theory

Foundations of modelling and abstraction by Herbert Stachowiak (1921-2004).

The full book Allgemeine Modelltheorie is unfortunately available in german language only. Excerpts in english are collated below.


What is a Model?

Introduction of the fundamental model properties:
+ mapping,
+ reduction and
+ pragmatism

In strive for a rigorous Definition

Beyond the colloquial fundamental model properties Stachowiak gives a more rigorous description of model by the the K-system (M, O, k, t, Z)

Requirements Engineering

“Although I’m a software requirements analyst and not an empirical scientist, Stachowiak describes pretty close the very basics of my kind of modelling.”

Kinds of Models

Semantic models are models of perception and thinking expressed by combinations of conventionalized signs. They can be categorized like

Preterition, Abundance and Contrastation

Three fundamental concepts (out of many) from the model theoretical apparatus are preterition, abundance and contrastation

Examples of Preterition and Abundance

Three intuitive examples of preterition and abundance in models like pictures, UML-diagrams and graphs