Sooo big? Sorry, I’m not impressed.

“This process doc is soo large”, “We have sooo many requirements”, … Who cares? I don’t! Why? Because I’m a computer scientist!

Of course, size is costly. Dropping 20% of the functions can be a large saving. Thus it is important to put size issues through to the appropriate decision makers (business guys …), but whatever they decide, I don’t care. As a computer scientist, my business is the structure (complexity) of things. So, I care for the 2% of functions that cause 20% of the implementation cost.

Thus, I always judge my analyses by the kinds of patterns they reveal, and let others care about their number of process steps, requirements …

So far, just by the way.

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Modeling Theory and Abstraction Awareness in strive for scientific rigour and relevance to information systems engineering.
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3 Responses to Sooo big? Sorry, I’m not impressed.

  1. Superpump says:

    As a Business Analyst I totally agree!

  2. Tomil says:

    Don’t understand no word. What’s this about? Big …?

  3. sorry but this is too much for my little brain. My perspective is a more practical one. This might be going well for you. I can’t really deal with it.

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