Just Who Plays, Obeys

‘Real’ Engineers
Engineers are often viewed as archetypes for software people, particularly when it comes to professionally accomplishing development activities.
Personally, I think of engineers in the first instance as playful people who love to try out things and make use of their creativity and imagination.  Most of them dislike people from the quality department as much as software developers do, but they ultimately accept that playing around alone doesn’t get the job done.

‘Wannabe’ and ‘Havetobe’ Engineers
When viewing most IT departments (esp. in large enterprises), they are neither playing nor obeying the rules of good software engineering.  Taking responsibility or creating new things often has a negative taste here.
Now, demanding an engineering attitude from these people should not only be associated with the downsides of more and more restrictive rules.  Who would actually want to work in such a place?  It is important, when demanding an engineering attitude, to not forget the upsides created through ideas and creativity, since only a developer who can play is also willing to obey.

But take care …
It can probably be seen as some sort of trade-off: demand QM rules and offer freedom to create and play, but take care, the latter is not compatible with ‘Dilbert-style’ corporate cultures.

So far, just a few thoughts.

About modelpractice

Modeling Theory and Abstraction Awareness in strive for scientific rigour and relevance to information systems engineering.
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2 Responses to Just Who Plays, Obeys

  1. PS
    for all people excited about game theory:
    just call “trade-off” “cooporative game” instead.

  2. Dudebert says:

    there are too few real computer scientists i.e. practitioners, in IT department.

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